Frequently Answered Questions

Thermal Imaging is when a picture is made up of heat
signatures rather than light. This means a certified thermographer with the
right tools can see things that would otherwise be hidden. Thermal inspections
are one of the most accurate ways to detect moisture, insufficient insulation,
electrical issues, air leaks and heat loss without damaging your home.Every thermographic inspection comes with a complete
comprehensive report for easy viewing and identification of anomalies
discovered during inspection.

The price for a thermographic inspection varies depending on action, size, time, and access. To receive a no obligation quote please contact us today and let us know your needs..

Once you contact us and book your inspection, we will send a certified thermographer with the needed tools to conduct the inspection. After the inspection is complete we will fullfill a complete comprehensive report with images of any anomalies noted during your inspection and suggested action to repair.

Premium Thermal Inspections uses advanced thermal imaging devices manufactured by Flir. We use a range of addition tools such as hygrometers and moisture meters to ensure accurate results alongside our thermal imaging devices. 

Infrared cameras show our inspectors irregular sources of heat or areas with less heat than usual. This helps pin point anomalies that are often not visible to the naked eye. An inspection can help with preventative maintenance and ensure hidden problem areas can be detected before they become a severe problem saving you money.

No thermal cameras cannot see through walls. Thermal imaging can see what may be going on behind your walls with differences in surface temperatures. This allows a certified thermographer to see possible insulation problems, moisture, or leaks inside your walls.

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