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About Premium Thermal Inspections Inc.

Premium Thermal Inspections Inc. was started by two local Albertans. Working side by side for over 5 years in a log cabin style event center that had constant leaks, drafts and maintenance issues showed the need to be able to see the hidden anomalies. 

Frequent repetitive expenses with no definitive solution and constant bandaids to underlying problems were the name of the game to the daily life of the building. After constant wind storms, rain storms and the typical Alberta weather causing frequent obstacles for events and building maintenance, these two local Albertans decided to learn more about the Thermal Infrared Inspection industry. Both received their Level 1 Certified Thermographer Certificate through ITC. Their place of business for over 5 years became their first target for an inspection. The thermal imaging showed all the hidden anomalies that had caused grief and extreme expenses for so many years. This was the first inspection leading to the start of Premium Thermal Inspections Inc.

A home owner or inspector conducting a energy audit and finding doorway air leak.  Please see my portfolio for other home improvement images.

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