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Thermal inspections: The quickest way to detect energy loss, moisture and electrical issues

What Our Clients Say

Very knowledgeable and professional. PTI team just completed inspections on 104 condo units I manage and not only did they complete them all in two weeks, they provided a very detailed and comprehensive report for each unit.
5 Star review for PTI and we look forward to future projects with them!

Property Manager

Larlyn Property Management

How We Help

Our certified thermographers help you see and detect possible issues that are naked to the visible eye with leading infrared technology


Problems with Moisture

Water damage is dreaded by homeowners and can go unnoticed until it becomes severe. Thermal imaging can catch water issues right away preventing severe damage.

Thermal imaging of electrical issue

Electrical Issues

Electrical systems should run mostly consistent temperatures in a home. An infrared camera can detect overheated areas which can be a sign of an electrical hotspot. This will help address the issue before it could lead to a catastrophic fire


Energy Efficiency

An infrared camera can reveal problems by showing hidden cracks, missing insulation, gaps and more. This allows homeowners to seal their house and make it more energy efficient saving them money.

Our Services

Every thermographic inspection comes with a complete comprehensive report for easy viewing and identification of anomalies discovered during inspection.

A home owner or inspector conducting a energy audit and finding doorway air leak.  Please see my portfolio for other home improvement images.

Moisture and Leak Detection

Our certified thermographers can scan your home to ensure you have no hidden moisture in your walls.

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Heat Loss Detection

With our technology and a thermal inspection, we can identify the areas where heat is escaping most.

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Electrical Hazards

A thermal inspection can identify and expose these hot spots allowing you to take action to prevent a potential fire.

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Roof Inspections

With our thermal scan our licensed thermographer can detect water damage, leaks and weak spots in your roof.

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In Floor Heating

Our licensed thermographers can pin point exact areas of breaks and anomalies allowing you to repair the area without having to tear up the entire floor.

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Rodent and Insect

Infrared thermographic inspections could help identify a possible infestation of rodents.

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Other Thermographic Services

Hot Water Tank inspections, Pipe Blockage and Sediment, and Unknown Plumbing Leaks etc..

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A non invasive Premium Thermal home inspection will help you rest easy knowing that you are keeping your home and family safe and save you money. Book your inspection today.

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